Using a Browser Efficiently

If you are going to learn to leverage the power of the internet to make your life easier then acquiring a good understanding of best practice when using a browser is a good place to start. I use the Browser made by Google called “Chrome” as it’s really fast and works well with all of Google’s other products. However the concepts discussed here are also applicable to other mainstream browsers like Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc.

Best Practice

When you open Chrome (the browser) each Day, make sure you sign in, by going to the top right hand corner and clicking on the person icon (4th block from the Right). It asks you to confirm and connect various things and when it’s complete you should see your name in the block.

Once you sign in to Chrome, it’s a good idea to make sure you can see your Bookmarks bar across the top, so you can Bookmark your most used sites. If you can’t see it, you need to go to Settings (click the three horizontal lines on top right, then select Settings), then look under the heading Appearances and tick Box “Always show bookmarks bar”.

You can now begin bookmarking sites you use frequently. An example would be something like Google Drive. Or if you wanted to setup a direct bookmark to Staffroom the process would look like this. Navigate to Staffroom, type in password, browser asks do you want to save password, say yes. Now look at the Browser Omnibar (the input space with the web address in it and white writing), at the end is an empty star, click it and it turns gold, then click done and its added to the Browser Bar. No need to type this address ever again!

Just mastering these three basic things and remembering to bookmark your frequently used sites over time, will make you far more efficient when using a browser.

Silent help video – demonstrating the above concepts



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