Creating Engaging Multimedia Content Task



Task 1: – Getting Connected & Experimenting


  • Sign into the Chrome Web Browser (your name should reflect at the top).
  • Go to the Adobe Spark Website.
  • Click on the yellow black “Start now for free”
  • Click on your chosen Web account, probably Google (this links your Google account to Adobe Spark).
  • You then answer a series of prompts/questions and finally get to the page below.



  • Adobe Spark offers 3 creation choices a Post, Page or Video. (See the video below for help)
  • Experiment with all 3 choices and decide which one you like best – browse through the gallery of previous creations to help you see whats possible. Finally, make a decision about which type of Spark you would like to create.



Task 2 – Building a Spark


  • Decide on a Spark project that is personally meaningful to you. ( eg Holiday Trip, Friends Birthday etc)
  • Gather all the media (photos, videos , songs, posts …) that you would like to use in one place.
  • Start the process of creating your Spark.
    After you finish your first draft, ask the people around you for Feedback.
  • Make any changes that you need to, to improve it.
  • Repeat as many time as necessary.
  • Finally when you are completely finished you need to share it which is task 3.

To understand why feedback and repeated refinement of your project is important, see the following video.



Task 3 – Sharing your Spark


When your Spark is complete share the link to it by including its url in the Comments Section Below. Remember to change the viewing settings appropriately.


Basic Trig Consolidation Resources


A while ago I started compiling a collection of fun resources related to the basics of Trigonometry. They will be most useful when acting as a supplementary resource to classroom instruction.


Intro to Trig

Finding Angles

Special Triangles

Google Quizzes

Trig Fundamentals 

Trig Applications


Understanding the Unit Circle Definition of Trig


GR12 Calculus Resources


I recently put together a collection of Calculus Resources for GR12 Maths in the SA Curriculum, using the tool EDpuzzle and learning content available by Mindset Learn as the base. Hopefully they can prove useful to other Maths Teachers out there.

Calculus Intro + Functions
Average Gradient
Understanding Limits
Definition of Derivative
Example of Derivative first principles y = 1/x

Maths 12-2 A Guide to Differential Calculus