Social Media Maths Questions & Comments

Every now and again I come across Fun Social Media Posts about Mathematics, normally in the context of solving some sort of interesting problem. I thought it would be cool to capture them for use in class and so I started this gallery.



Shooting and Editing Video on only an iPhone


As a recent holiday challenge I decided to investigate the possibility of shooting and editing a short movie using only my phone (iPhone 5S) , no laptops/desktops allowed! I knew that a couple of years ago Apple released an Imovie App for phones and based on how fantastic iMovie is on a Mac , I decided to start there. A friend of mine has just got a Drone and so I decided to follow him around for a bit with my phone.



In the end it was surprisingly easy to edit on the phone. The most difficult part was figuring out when to swipe up or down to make different menu’s appear. But your Iphone is definitely a perfectly capable device for editing video on. And since most of us carry around our phones all the time, it’s probably the easiest way to do it too. I’ll try and have another crack at making a longer more advanced movie before the year is out. Just to see how advanced it really can get if you are only shooting and editing on your phone.