Managing Photos & freeing space on your Phone

Why you should read this ?

If you are constantly running out of space on a device due to Photos or just struggling to keep track of all your photos, then this post will be especially useful for you.

My tool of choice for Photo Management is Google Photos. Found at , it’s amazing because it has unlimited storage and great integration with other google products.

So how do you use Google Photos ?

First decide if you are going to use your Personal Google Account or Work /Organisation Google Account. If you are dealing with personal photos use your personal one, organisational photos your organisational one. You can tell which account you are dealing with by looking to the top right hand corner.

Click on this link and look at the web version of the tool.  After logging in, choose the upload button and then select some images on your computer to upload.  After they have uploaded choose “add to album”, then “new album”, then name your album and click on the tick. Well done you have your first web album!

Now Download the Google Photos App to your cellphone:  Android Link , iPhone Link

When you go inside the app and click on albums you should see the album created above. Click on that Album, now hit the + sign at the top , select a photo, tick goes blue, then hit done. You just added a photo to your web album.

Last task, go to beginning of App, click on Assistant, click on Album, select photos you want , click create, after it’s done uploading , name album, click tick.Check that the album you created on your phone is available on your web account.

That’s it, next week will will talk about how to classify and use photos stored in a web album. And how to delete copies of photos still on your phone.




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