Creating Custom Content for your Maths class


I have been experimenting with making my own videos and creating a “flipped” classroom environment for a couple of years now. However it hasn’t been a smooth journey, rather lots of little experiments with different tools and approaches.

I recently made a series of videos for my grade 11 Maths class and got really positive feedback,  so I thought I would share my workflow for any other teachers out there conducting these type of experiments.

The tools I used were my Macbook Pro 13 inch mid 2012 , my Galaxy Note 10.1 inch Tablet (N8000) with the very useful S-Pen and then the App – Explain Everything. I also knitted together everything  using iMovie.

My work flow was to start by sketching my entire lesson outline onto an Explain Everything Page on my Tablet. This gave me a structure to follow when I was recording the actual video. Then I hit the record button and started explaining. At the same time, I also hit record on my Macbook to record a second audio track. I used a brief clap at the beginning so I could synchronise the sound later.

I then did my explaining and tried to ensure that I didn’t go longer than 10 min for any one unit. After the recording was finished I exported the video from Explain Everything and imported that file including its sound into iMovie. There I detached the audio from the video and dragged in the audio track I recorded separately. I made sure the audio was in sync and then compared the too. The separate audio recording was far better and so I discarded the original audio from the Tablet. Then I just exported the new file with better sound and uploaded onto Youtube.

I definitely think this was one of the better set of videos I have created and I think a lot of it has to do with the clarity of sound I was able to create and having the lesson structure outlined from the beginning.

If you have any of your own tips or comments you would like to share, please jump on in.




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