How to create a Personalised Learning Portfolio


Create your own digital learning portfolio showing evidence of your individual learning path.


A Personal Learning Portfolio is a virtual, personal space that serves as a dynamic planning tool, archive, profile, and showcase of an individual’s lifelong learning experiences, goals and achievements. It is created by the learner, controlled by the learner, and is on a platform of his or her choice. Though the tool is geared to be an open tool that records the digital footprint of the individual, the learner controls who has access to any section of the portfolio at any given time.

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Possible Content:

ArtsWorks , Writing Pieces , Video Clips , Audio Recordings, Projects, Books read and reviews of them, Online Courses or Programs , Blog component, Social Campaigns, Growth Filled Experiences, Leadership Roles, Projects Initiated , Volunteer Work , Places you’ve travelled or want to travel , Interviews with Interesting People , Vlogs ….


Tools you could use:


When signing up to create an account with one of these tools, rather select the option to “Sign up with Google” than creating an account from scratch. This means you don’t have to remember different passwords.



Managing Photos & freeing space on your Phone

Why you should read this ?

If you are constantly running out of space on a device due to Photos or just struggling to keep track of all your photos, then this post will be especially useful for you.

My tool of choice for Photo Management is Google Photos. Found at , it’s amazing because it has unlimited storage and great integration with other google products.

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Zamzar – a great free online file conversion service


I often find myself working on digital media project and need to do a quick file conversion for the purposes of compatibility with a particular tool. I don’t wont to download any extra software and I want it to be quick, convenient & free. This tools ticks all the boxes and yet doesn’t seem to be widely known, hence I thought it was worthy of a post. Just click on any of the images or this link to access it.




Shooting and Editing Video on only an iPhone


As a recent holiday challenge I decided to investigate the possibility of shooting and editing a short movie using only my phone (iPhone 5S) , no laptops/desktops allowed! I knew that a couple of years ago Apple released an Imovie App for phones and based on how fantastic iMovie is on a Mac , I decided to start there. A friend of mine has just got a Drone and so I decided to follow him around for a bit with my phone.



In the end it was surprisingly easy to edit on the phone. The most difficult part was figuring out when to swipe up or down to make different menu’s appear. But your Iphone is definitely a perfectly capable device for editing video on. And since most of us carry around our phones all the time, it’s probably the easiest way to do it too. I’ll try and have another crack at making a longer more advanced movie before the year is out. Just to see how advanced it really can get if you are only shooting and editing on your phone.

Learning to Touch Type

A very useful skill in today’s world is learning how to touch type. Today you are going to  start acquiring that skill.


Task 1 – Exploring Typing Apps

Sign into the Chrome Web Browser (your name should reflect at the top)
Add the App Typing Club (Improves typing in a game like manner)
Try to get comfortable typing up to level 7 in the correct manner.
Once you have done this you can move onto Task 2.

Task 2 – Exploring other Apps

Experiment with the other typing Apps listed Below
Settle on one that you like the experience of
Now Practice, Practice, Practice!

Task 3 – Recording your Score and Describing the Experience

Record your Score and Experience in this Google Form


Additional Typing Resource Apps
App Typing Tutor (More Theory and Instruction like)
App Type Scout (Improves typing skills in a game like manner)
App Typing Test (Test of how fast you type)

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